Chantal Machabée is a host and sports journalist who has made her way through fashion and time while standing out in a male-dominated environment. Chantal is a determined woman who is devoted to sports! A true SISU journey.

The Accessibility segment features everyday heroes. In these interviews, they discuss their involvement in sports, real-life adventures, and their respective journeys, often strewn with pitfalls.

Please note that the opinions expressed by the guests are theirs alone.

Living SISU’s INSPIRE podcast presents pro athletes, health professionals and everyday heroes to guide you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. SISU is a Finnish word representing the inner strength required to face adversity. SISU is synonymous with determination, resilience, tenacity, courage, guts, and grit. Through these dynamic conversations and interviews, we aim to INSPIRE our listeners to live the SISU lifestyle.

Let’s create a healthier, more active world together!

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