The holiday season is just around the corner. While we can’t be surrounded by all the people who are dear to us this holiday, that doesn’t mean that we can’t send them a little something. The entire Living Sisu team has come together to create a gift list for you. We have divided it into five categories: clothing, hockey, health, activities and training. So here it is: 

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1. Clothing


This proudly Canadian company specializes in the design of ready-to-wear clothing. Whether you are a sports fan or not, these clothes are created for everyone.

Visit Apexways’s page and offers

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Fortress Clothing

The colder weather is starting to take over. Fortress Clothing is equipped with patented technology that provides warmth, even when wet. They have everything you need: baselayers, jackets, pants, vests, coats and gloves.

Visit Fortress Clothing’s page and offers

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If you are thinking of giving a present to your mother, your sister, your cousin or your better half, Lolë is the place for you. Their clothes are of the highest quality, and are sure to leave any recipient very happy.

Visit Lole’s page and offers

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2. Hockey

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For all the hockey fans or hockey players, this section will undoubtedly please you.

Baps Hockey

Are you a hockey player yourself, and would you like some feedback on the way you play? Baps Hockey is here for you! Check it out!

Visit Baps Hockey page and offers

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Crease Culture

Are you a goalie and want to have style on and off the ice? Crease Culture has clothes and accessories that will look great on you.

Visit Crease Culture’s page and offers

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Sense Arena 

Goalkeepers are a key part of a team’s success. This is why their skills must constantly be practiced  and perfected for better performance. Sense Arena will most likely become their best friend.

Visit Sense Arena page and offers

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3. Health/ Nutrition

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If you want to offer protein or supplements to your brother or your boyfriend, Bodylogix has it all. Take a look at their site, and you will find what you need.

Visit Bodylogix’s page and offers



Who doesn’t like to eat a soft and tasty protein bar? Containing the right carbohydrate-to-protein ratio, all essential amino acids, high electrolytes, and cricket or plant protein, Näak will always be there to help you move forward.

Visit Näak page and offers

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Vitamin Patch Club

Ah, trusted vitamins! Our partner Vitamin Patch Club is the world leader in the transdermal distribution of vitamins. Their transdermal technology allows you to wear your vitamins. What a brilliant invention!

Visit Vitamin Patch Club’s page and offers

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4. Activities


Volleyball fan? Crossnet is the net for you! You can set it up in a few minutes on the sand, in the grass, or indoors. You will have everything you need to challenge your friends to a competitive game.

Visit Crossnet’s page and offers  

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Maeva Surf

Have you always dreamed of surfing? Maeva Surf could make your dream come true. You can go as an outing with family and friends… rain or shine. It’s the most dynamic, popular, and the safest indoor surf wave in the world. More than that, no experience or protective gear is needed.

Visit Maeva Surf’s page and offers  

5. Training 


If you’re looking for fitness and training equipment, take a look at the CoreFX site. Here you will find everything you need.

Visit CoreFx’s page and offers


Rehab Roller

A post-workout massage won’t hurt anyone. Rehab Roller is a revolutionary 6-in-1 home therapy system. A great gift to give to someone you love.

Visit Rehab Roller’s page and offers



Do you know someone who is in the military or who enjoys training sessions that will allow them to surpass themselves? 2XSR is a multifunctional and portable sand training bag made of military-grade Cordura fabric. It is water repellent and enables you to train in any climate.

Visit 2XSR page and offers


Massages are always amazing! But after exerting some pressure on our muscles, they sometimes feel sore. Our partner Xfitonway has the perfect gift to solve that problem. They have a massage tool with innovative technology that helps relieve discomfort—a great gift to give to your favourite athlete.

Visit Xfitonway’s page and offers

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We hope you could find a few gifts that you like on this list. The entire Living sisu team wishes you a wonderful holiday season. See you early next year for amazing suggestions. With that, take care of yourself and be careful.

The Living Sisu Team 

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