By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

A new series has just been released on Netflix, exams due in mid-December are piling up, and there’s a hockey game at 7:30 p.m. at your CEGEP. You can probably see yourself in one of these situations. They highlight important activities of the society we live in, especially if you are from 12 to 25 years old. In this new article, I offer you three tips that will most likely help you to reconcile them well. 

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1. Spend less time in front of your screen 

You can do many activities instead of staying glued to your cell phone, tablet, or computer screen. For example, you can take time to write or draw, even if you don’t think you have artistic talents. Try to learn to play an instrument, be it vocals, drums, guitar, and maybe even the flute. Obviously, you can still watch your favourite show, you just shouldn’t overdo it. You’ve probably heard this well-known phrase before: everything in moderation

Photo Credit : Pexels

2. Manage your studying time well

Whether you are in high school, CEGEP or university, no matter what level you are studying at, manage your studying time reasonably. Find strategies that will allow you to do well in your course(s). One of the crucial aspects would be to keep an agenda. In it, mark all the important dates of your exams, events and what is to come. That way, you won’t be lost. On the other hand, when you study, don’t do everything all at once. Divide your time evenly. Mid-term and end-of-term deadlines can be stressful at times. So to avoid being in an overwhelming situation, manage your time correctly. Don’t forget to relax too, though!

Photo Credit : Pexels

3. Do physical activities

Pandemic or not, it is crucial to stay active. Even if the training rooms are not accessible, several options are available to you. Think about walking and indoor training. Playing a sport or training is good for our body.vIt gives us multiple benefits such as improving the immune system and maintaining better control of our weight. Ah! And I was going to forget, don’t forget to have your water bottle handy. 

All this to tell you that yes, the end of the semester is upon us! To avoid stressing yourself out, spend less time on your screens, manage your study time, and exercise so you can take your mind off things. With that, the entire Living Sisu team wishes you good luck for the rest of your school career. If you want to participate in our activities and become a member, all you need to do is go to this page.

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