By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

Comfort the crying baby, play legos and dolls and watch Paw Patrol and Frozen all day long while singing Let it Go with the older ones. If you have young children, you probably recognize yourself. You also probably put sports and physical activities aside to devote yourself to your little ones. Do not worry! I have a few things in mind that will help you stay active even if you have young children. 

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1. Go for a walk

If you have time and you get out of the right side of the bed in the morning, try going for a walk for about half an hour. Why in the morning? Because you will be able to start your day strong! If you can’t make it outside for some reason, you can still walk inside, or if you have a treadmill, it can come in handy.

Photo Credit : Pexels

2. Work out together

There is nothing more fun than working out with your loved ones! It builds strength, and it brings even more joy. So take some time with your family to exercise. It can be 30 seconds of planking, sit-ups, and even squats while having the kids with you. To make the training more enjoyable, you can add variations and even, why not, rewards for the children!

Photo Credit : Pexels

3. Organize family activities 

Ah, family activities! We still remember them even when we are old! Whether it’s going to the Granby Zoo, organizing a treasure hunt in your home, a picnic in a park near you or going to see a sports match or a show, these are ideas of activities that will keep you active while keeping those you love close by. 

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