We are proud to announce our new partnership with Apexways. @apexways is offering to the Living Sisu member 15% off your purchase of ready-to-wear sportswear

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About Apexways :
Apexways specializes in the design of ready-to-wear sportswear. The vision for this company is very specific, it is to advocate differences by encouraging people to achieve their individual goal, no matter what path they take to get there. From this thought came the name “Apexways” which means “way to the top”.

About Living Sisu:
Living Sisu is a platform bringing together multiple benefits from various companies in the field of physical activity, well-being, sports and health – at the service of their members. Living Sisu is the quest for a more active world as well as allowing sports and physical activity to be more accessible for everyone. The concept of «SISU» originates from Finland that has multiple meanings: guts, courage, tenacity, determination and inner strength. We are on a mission to show that anybody can live and integrate their «SISU» into their mindset and way of life through sport.

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