We are proud to announce our new partnership with BladeFlex. @bladeflexarmy is offering to the Living Sisu member 10% off to the additional 20% promo they have online.

Visit Bladeflex page and offers.

About Bladeflex :
Bladeflex is a resistance posture trainer that will adapt your body and strengthen your muscles associated with posture, developing long-term results. It will re-train your muscle memory through movements, and as your body adapts into better form, you will reap the benefits of a better posture.

About Living Sisu:
Living Sisu is a platform bringing together multiple benefits from various companies in the field of physical activity, well-being, sports and health – at the service of their members. Living Sisu is the quest for a more active world as well as allowing sports and physical activity to be more accessible for everyone. The concept of «SISU» originates from Finland that has multiple meanings: guts, courage, tenacity, determination and inner strength. We are on a mission to show that anybody can live and integrate their «SISU» into their mindset and way of life through sport.