By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

Have you just finished training and looking for specially designed instruments to help with your recovery? You are on the right site. Here is a list of some of our close partners who will provide you with everything you will need after training.

Photo Credit : Bladeflex X Living Sisu

1. Bladeflex

Bladeflex is a resistance posture training tool that will adjust your body and strengthen your muscles associated with posture, developing long-term results. Visit Bladeflex’s page and offers

Photo Credit: Dre. Virginie Paré X Living Sisu

2. Dre. Virginie Paré – Chiropractor

If you are an athlete, a pregnant woman, have young children, or just have a postural problem, Dr. Virginie Paré to help you treat them. Visit Dre. Virginie Paré’s page and offers

3. Lactigo

LactiGo is an effective, fast-acting topical gel with menthol and carnosine that will help you maximize your athletic performance and muscle recovery. Visit Lactigo’s page and offers

4. Rehab Roller

It’s the rehabilitation tool with a revolutionary 6-in-1 home therapy system. Visit Rehab Roller’s page and offers

Photo Credit: Sidekick X Living Sisu

5. Sidekick Tool

Here you will find the highest quality muscle recovery tools. Visit Sidekick’s page and offers

Photo Credit: Vertiball X Living Sisu

6. Vertiball 

Do you have back pain or muscle pain? Use a Vertiball. By using it for 5 minutes a day, you will improve your blood circulation, range of motion, and the quality of your life. Visit Vertiball’s page and offers

Photo Credit: Xfitonway X Living Sisu

7. Xfitonway

A massage tool is always effective after a workout. The use of this product is very easy and very pleasant. Visit Xfitonway’s page and offers

And There you go! You have a variety of items that will help you recover after exercising. In addition, you can get them thanks to our discounts, so don’t hesitate to become a member and be part of the big and beautiful Living Sisu family.

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