Free Outdoor Yoga Session

Living Sisu’s most recent partner Lolë agreed to team up and organize a free outdoor yoga session in Montreal, right in the Jarry Park. The first 60 people to show up had the chance to score a brand new yoga mat and bottle from Lolë!

It was a little windy and maybe even a little noisy at times, but everyone kept their focus and made it a great session. Ariane Labrie, who is the owner of Saria Adventures, was the person in charge of running us through the class, thank you Ariane for such an accessible and fun time!

Want more Yoga with Living Sisu? Send us a message and we’ll be happy to set it up with our partners!

Sunday, August 3oth 2020
Jarry Park, Montréal

ICYMI – Relive the experience

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