By Sarah-Lynn Pauleus

“Ah! As the snow has snowed!” Do you remember your French lessons? Well, you probably know this quote from Émile Nelligan, right? Who says snow, says ski, snowboard, snowshoe, among other activities. The ski season is approaching quickly, and to help you plan and prepare, I suggest the three best places where you can go skiing on the most beautiful slopes in Quebec.

1. Mont-Tremblant 

This ski resort is undoubtedly one of the best known. It is located in the heart of the Laurentians and has more than 95 tracks. If you want to reconnect with the mountains, this place is ideal for you. You can do many activities there, such as strolling through the pedestrian village, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding and fat biking. Dream destination, isn’t it?

2. Saint-Sauveur Summit

Summit St-Sauveur is one of the five great summits. On its own, it has more than forty tracks. In this magnificent place, entertainment is at its height, and the beauty of nature and the pleasure of being with those you love are part of it. What could be better than spending your day in such a stunning environment!

3. Bromont Ski 

As mentioned in their description, Bromont ski is a vast playground. It has over 141 trails for all levels. The good thing is that it is close to Montreal. For a getaway found about an hour from the Metropolis, this is the place to go. Who said that you had to be a kid to enjoy all these benefits? Whether you are young or old, have fun on these beautiful snowy slopes. Enjoying yourself has no age! 

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Radiant mountains, breathtaking views, breathe fresh air and have fun with friends or family. These are just a few of the many advantages you will have by going to one of these ski slopes. Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other at the top of the mountain! Because that is where it happens: together at the top!

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