By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

If I had to define the word resilience, I would say that it means moving forward after suffering. You probably know many people who have faced challenges in their lives and who were able to get back up and show resilience. Think of Michael Jordan, Stan Smith and Jay Hewitt. These three people influenced many lives in the way they stood up after having fallen. In this new article, I recommend three steps to take so that you too can be resilient. 

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1. Keep a good network 

When you are going through an obstacle or challenge, it is often difficult to overcome it on your own, which is why having good people around you is monumental. It always helps to have a good network of people you can count on. Make sure you find a small group of people that you can talk to. As the old saying goes: “Surround yourself with people you admire.”

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2. Set yourself some goals 

Ahh, objectives! Sometimes we have a hard time setting them. Try to have achievable goals. Start by making small goals for yourself, then gradually increase them over time. For example, if you want to start training, don’t play your sport for two hours a day, or you will likely burn yourself out. Life is not a race. Do everything you have to do well and, more precisely, at your own pace.

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3. Show courage and perseverance. 

Some objectives sometimes seem impossible or even inaccessible and unachievable to us. However, it takes courage and perseverance to be able to reach them. Life is not and will not always be easy. You will have to face different situations that will not always be pleasant. But don’t be afraid. If you fall, get up and start again. That is what will get you to your goal.

The Finnish word Sisu, from which Living Sisu takes its name, means to show courage, determination and perseverance. These three stages show us that we must not let ourselves be crushed by our defeats. On the contrary, we must use them to motivate us to go further. With that, give yourself all the necessary tools to move forward, be well surrounded and finally, show courage and perseverance. Believe me, you will surely be able to achieve your dreams, goals and objectives.

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