By Sarah-Lynn Pauléus 

If you have $ 0 and a bottle of water or you don’t want to spend too much on sports activities, here are five activities that you can do that will allow you to move, meet new people, and to have fun while playing sports.

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1.  Train by Using an App

Oh yes! Our smartphones all have apps that let us train anywhere. Whether in our basement, in our backyard, at the park, and even at a family member’s home. Just open up the App or Google Store and download a free app that will let you work out.

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2. Walk And Run

A good, healthy walk never hurt anyone. Whether it is in the morning before going to work or before studying or in the evening before going to bed, walking is an excellent way to exercise because it allows us to clear our minds and strengthen the different muscles of our body. For those who want to challenge themselves, you can turn it into running. All you need to do is: put on a pair of good running shoes, and you’re good to go! Remember to bring a bottle of water with you to avoid becoming dehydrated.

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3.Go Swimming

It would be good to go for a few jumps in the water, whether cold or hot. It will help you tone your muscles, and such an activity will benefit your body. Several places, in winter and summer, offer you this possibility. I am sure that after this exercise, you will sleep very well!

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4. Visit The Various Parks in Your Region

The Centre de la Nature in Laval, the Botanical Gardens in Montreal, and the Lafontaine and Jarry parks are examples of different tourist attractions that you can visit. There are often activities taking place, and you can discover many sides of the metropolis.

Photo Credit : Living Sisu

5. Cycling And Skating

It does good for everyone to bring out their bikes and inline skates. If you have either of these two items, don’t hesitate to take them to walk (or run) the dog, take a stroll along the lake, or take some time for yourself by walking around your neighbourhood. A great activity to do alone or with friends! Did you know the ESI Grips is one of our partners ? When you become a Living Sisu member, you get 30% off silicone grips and 40 % off if you are a premium member ! What a great windfall! Visit ESI Grips page and offers 

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In conclusion, I wish you to take advantage of nature and the fresh air to discover the different places in your environment. Be determined to achieve your goal(s), bring your smile and zeal for life, and don’t forget your water bottle! 

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